If your Galaxy S III is still in good shape, thank Samsung’s engineers.

In a video posted on YouTube, Samsung details the elaborate, particular, and sometimes absurd extent it goes to just to ensure its phones can withstand the trials of everyday life in your back pockets.

Sadly, the video is entirely in Korean, but that doesn’t prevent its message from getting through: Samsung’s phones are definitely put through their paces before they ship.

In the “key test”, for example, Samsung employed robotic fingers to press its devices’ home keys thousands of times. Slightly more amusing is what I can only assume is called the “butt test,” which measures how much downward pressure it takes to damage a device’s screen.

Samsung also drenches its devices in all sorts of ways, including dropping them in simulated washing machines, exposing them to simulated rain, and spraying them with simulated water hoses.

The result is a unintentionally funny video that shows just how much work goes into ensuring Samsung’s devices don’t fall apart as soon as owners start using them.

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