NBA 2K13, the 13th title in developer Visual Concepts’ popular basketball simulator, was released on more platforms than any previous entry in the series. To accompany the console, handheld, PC, and mobile versions, 2K also created the NBA 2K: MyLIFE app on Facebook to further the franchise’s reach and replay value.

Social Games Associated Producer Kelly Wilson shared her own tips on getting the most out of 2K: MyLIFE. “Playing NBA 2K MyLIFE is about personal style and showcasing what it means to be an NBA basketball player,” said Wilson. “Each player can strategize their own goals whether it’s being at the top of the friend leaderboard or having all of the buildings upgraded to the highest level.”

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You can visit the game’s Facebook page here and read GamesBeat’s exclusive developer tips for the iPhone version of NBA 2K13 here.