Streaming music service Rdio launched a brand new version of its iOS app today that features a drastically revamped, much prettier user interface.

The new version comes as rival service Spotify is tiptoeing into Rdio’s territory with a new web player. Rdio already rolled out a revamped version of its web player back in May. And it apparently feels the need to polish its mobile applications to keep users happily listening to music rather than abandoning ship for another service.

The new iOS app design borrows quite a bit from the web player design. The old grid-like navigation has been replaced with a new sidebar that’s similar to the website, a paradigm increasingly common among iOS apps in general (YouTube, Facebook, etc.). Users can quickly see a list of popular songs/albums, their own playlists, friend activity, and listening history. The new design also focuses much more on album artwork than in previous version. The interface also places much more emphasis on syncing songs/playlists for offline listening.

Overall, the iOS app is quick and easy to navigate.

Rdio, which has more than 18 million tracks in its library, does give listeners a limited amount of free use, but to gain access to the iOS app and unlimited music streaming you’ll need to sign up for a $10-per-month premium account.

The app is available to download for free via the iTunes store. Check out some screenshots of Rdio 2.0 embedded below.