Box VP of engineering Sam Schillace recently moved to his current job after several years at Google. He doesn’t tolerate bad user experiences in the products he develops, and he doesn’t think users will either.

“Users in general are getting more and more savvy and tolerance for bad experiences is getting lower,” Schillace said on-stage at CloudBeat 2012 conference. “The bar keeps getting higher in terms of design and user experience. We see it in Google Docs, we see it in Box quite a bit. You get carried into enterprises because there’s a blurring of lines between your work and your personal life.”

This philosophy relates intensely to his work at Box, the enterprise cloud storage startup that’s attracted $287 million in funding from top-tier investors and now has more than 140,000 customers.

The biggest area Box is focused on when it comes to designing a better experience? Mobile, no question.

“When you’re in a mobile device, that’s essentially a consumer experience,” Schillace said. “It’s very fast — you don’t have a lot of time or space. You’re running next to other consumer-grade applications. You have to be at that level of quality. And we see knowledge workers demanding that more and more.”

Check out out full interview with Schillace in the video below.

Top photo: Michael O’Donnell