CloudBeat 2012 is VentureBeat’s high-quality, customer-centric, solutions-oriented enterprise cloud conference, happening Wednesday and Thursday, November 28 and 29. Follow complete CloudBeat coverage here.

You can still get a ticket. But what if you can’t attend in person — maybe because you’re at some other company’s cloud event? Worry no more.

VentureBeat has partnered up with xTV to bring you a live video feed of everything happening onstage at CloudBeat.

Plus, we’re offering the CloudBeat 2012 Backstage Pass.

The VentureBeat team and XTV host Malou Nubla will work the conference for you and capture those insights and learnings you could have caught if you attended.

The CloudBeat 2012 Backstage Pass delivers in-depth insights from IT executives, interviews from the hottest cloud startups, and previews of the latest in enterprise technologies. It’s got a mix that will appeal to CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, VPs of product development, analysts, investors, high-level press, and more.

You can watch CloudBeat 2012 free thanks to xTV at

To access the CloudBeat 2012 Backstage Pass click on the banner below and sign up.

Over the course of the two days of the event, new interviews and footage will become available on the channel and they’ll be available for 90 days live on xTV.

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