This might come as a surprise, but up until today, the Google Drive mobile apps couldn’t edit spreadsheets.

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Thankfully, the latest update to Drive adds the feature, instantly making the app a far more useful productivity tool. With the update, users can tweak fonts, sort data, resize columns, and see changes in real-time — just like with the Drive web app.

In another nifty addition, Drive now allows Android users to create on their homescreens shortcuts to specific Google Drive files. While the idea is cool in theory, Google’s implementation of it is a bit backwards. Rather than create a shortcut from inside the Android app, Drive makes you do it from Android’s “Widgets” panel, which doesn’t make much sense. Either way, the shortcuts work exactly how you’d expect after that.

Google is on a Drive update rampage as of late, having announced yesterday some significant integration between the cloud storage service and Gmail.