Cat Lady

Since the release of 5th Cell’s emergent puzzle game in 2009, players have taken joy in testing the boundaries of Scribblenauts’ built-in dictionary. The recently released Scribblenauts Unlimited (for Wii U, Steam, and Nintendo 3DS), the fourth title in the series, pushes the Objectnaut engine even further by allowing players to attach multiple objects to each other and add adjectives (such as rocket-propelled scared mouse), and that’s where the horrible brilliance begins.

You can imagine the possibilities: If stumped on a puzzle where you have to keep kids off your lawn, imagine the difference a crazy forty-cat lady — instead of just a lady with a cat — could make.

GamesBeat reached out to 5th Cell for some of its favorite and wildest creations. You can see one of my personal favorites above and a few more in the gallery below. We were also interested to know some of the more absurd words the game would transform into objects, and we weren’t disappointed. Apparently, Scribblenauts Unlimited now knows everything from urinal cakes to keyboard cat.

The Wii U version sports the ability to save 900 different created objects and exclusive cameos from characters in the Mario and Zelda universes while the Steam version allows users to share custom objects via Steam Workshop.

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