As a New Yorker, sometimes it’s hard for me to keep up with the best things going on right now and places I need to check out. There are so many things I just can’t keep track.

The new Spun app for the iPhone might be a solution I’ve been looking for. Created by the same team behind the slick Broadcastr app, Spun ties relevant news and recommendations to real-world locations and makes it easy to find the stuff you should be hitting up.

“There’s a ton of great stories being told about cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, but people can’t keep track of them all,” Spun CEO Andy Hunter said in a statement. “We curate the best, most popular content, and present it in a fun and interactive way. Spun is the easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of your city.”

Spun’s interface is a strange and pretty beast. If you swipe your finger to the side, you can go to a new section in a 3D rectangular prism. Each side of the prism has a new section such as “Food & Drink,” “Arts & Entertainment,” “Lifestyle,” and “Top Stories” that you can cycle through depending on your interests.

The app currently covers New York, Boston, Philly, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Portland, and Seattle.

You can read more about Spun on its main site.

Photo credit: Spun