The last thing Microsoft needed with Windows Phone 8 was a widespread software issue — so of course that’s exactly what it got.

Many Windows Phone 8 users have seen a peculiar issue that makes their devices reboot spontaneously. But it looks like Microsoft has figured out what the problem is, and is working on a fix.

“We’re continuing to investigate some reports of phones rebooting and have identified a cause with our partners,” Microsoft said in a statement released last night. “We are working to get an over-the-air update out in December.”

We’re still awaiting further details on what caused the issue. While it never seemed big enough to convince people away from Windows Phone 8 (indeed, most consumers won’t even be aware of the rebooting problem), it’s the sort of thing that makes Microsoft lose credibility among more tech-savvy buyers. And at this point, Microsoft can’t afford anything that will slow down sales for Windows Phone 8.

Via AllThingsD