Crimson Map Pack

Prepare yourselves … for the harvest!

OK, so that’s from Buffy, but developer 343 Industries is also bringing a new map to Halo 4 called Harvest as part of its upcoming Crimson Map Pack, which is due out December 10 for 800 Microsoft points. This is the first of three add-ons for the Xbox 360 sci-fi first-person shooter.

The contents of this downloadable content include the aforementioned Harvest map as well as battlefields titled Wreckage and Shatter.

  • Wreckage is medium-sized asymmetrical map set in “a ravaged environment of crashed debris.”
  • Harvest places the warring Spartans on the farming world where humans made first contact with the Covenant. It is a small-to-medium-sized map.
  • Shatter has players battling over a mining planet with large crystalline surfaces. It is a huge symmetrical map perfect for vehicles.

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In addition to the maps, 343 will introduce the Extraction mode. It is a 5-on-5 objective-based game where the opposing team must extract assets from around the map. The extracting team must protect the area while the long extracting process occurs. First team to five wins.

The Crimson Map Pack is included for customers who purchased the Halo 4 Wargames Map Pass for 2,000 Microsoft Points or for those that purchased the Limited Edition Halo 4 bundle.