Battle For Nuceria

Starz, the premium cable channel, is inviting fans of its Spartacus television show to join the battle and engage with the program throughout their daily lives.


A new transmedia app and website, Spartacus: Battle for Nuceria, rewards participants for completing missions with exclusive content. The most dedicated players will even get a chance to see the first episode of the next season before anyone else.

For those who prefer their premium channels to feature southern vampires (True Blood on HBO) or bi-polar CIA agents (Homeland on Showtime), Spartacus is a bloodier take on the story of the Thracian slave who led an uprising in Rome.

Fans accept missions from characters on the show — which they act out in classic facing-the-camera, full-motion-video style. The gameplay involves taking over websites and even geocaching, which is the location-based act of checking in at certain locations in the physical world.

Players participate in the fight through the main website, mobile app, and browser extension.

The Encampment website at operates as the home base. This is where users collect their rewards and accept missions. Friends can communicate with each other using this hub.

The Hypogeum is a mobile app available for iOS devices. This is tool that allows users to check in at locations to receive rewards on the go.

The Tractus is the browser extension that allows Battle For Nuceria participants to communicate with each other while on other websites. They can tag a certain URL, and someone else using the extension will be able to see it.

Each mission reveals something new, and if enough fans reach the required number of community points by January 23, they will unlock the episode before it airs on Starz.