Wii U YouTube app

After the Wii came out, Nintendo supported it with fairly consistent Virtual Console and WiiWare releases. Then they became less and less consistent; now the only offerings are monthly SNK ports. If you’re one of the people who has already picked up a Wii U, you’re probably hoping that Nintendo can maintain updates as exciting as last week’s veritable Thanksgiving feast, when the company added nearly every launch game to the system’s eShop.

Unfortunately, the Wii U is looking a bit too much like its predecessor this week, as the only new thing for you to download is a YouTube app. But hey, it’s free, and you can watch videos on the tablet screen.

Thankfully, things look better on the 3DS (but only slightly). Starting today, you can download a port of the NES version of Pac-Man and an airport management sim/puzzle game called Aero Porter. Developed by Level-5 (the studio behind the Professor Layton series), Aero Porter tasks you with sorting luggage, customizing and upgrading your planes and airport, and, according to the official page, “avoiding security mishaps.” That last one sounds a bit stressful. Both games are available for $4.99.

Finally, a pair of new titles are available on DSiWare this week as well. First is Invasion of the Alien Blobs, an arcade-style action game in which you poke the titular alien blobs with the stylus in order to kill them, and second is Bloons TD 4, a tower defense variant of the popular series about a monkey shooting a cannon at balloons. Both are available now, the former for $1.99 and the latter for $4.99.