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Tomorrow Corporation satiates your irrational impulse to set things on fire with Little Inferno, a chimney simulator available now for the Wii U and PC.

You use your virtual fireplace to burn toys, household appliances, school buses full of screaming children, and even the moon — just for the hell of it. As you incinerate garbage, new catalogs become available with even more crap to buy and destroy.

Burning certain items together unlocks special combos that reward players with extra money and postage stamps (which speed up shipping time on purchased goods).


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January 25 – 27, 2022

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The game provides hints as to what you should mix and match, but since pyromaniacs lack patience, we’ve made a list of every possible fiery combination divided between seven pages, one for each catalog. With 140 items to acquire and 99 different combos to discover, you’ll need all the help you can get.

The number in parenthesis next to the item’s name corresponds to the catalog in which it can be bought.

Catalog #1: Chimney Stuffer

1. Bike Pirate

Wooden Bicycle (1) + Toy Pirate (1)

2. Someone Else’s

Someone Else’s Credit Card (1) + Someone Else’s Family Portrait (1)

3. Springtime

Instant Seed Packet (1) + Alarm Clock (1)

4. Generations

Someone Else’s Family Portrait (1) + Spider Egg (1)

5. Lenders

Someone Else’s Credit Card (1) + Blankity Bank (1)

6. Movie Night

Corn on the Cob (1) + Television (1)