Need gift ideas in a hurry? 99problemsbutagiftaintone.com is your holiday 2012 solution.

Note-keeping app Springpad is taking advantage of your holiday indecision with this novelty site, which scrambles gift recipients (mailman, dance partner, midwife, sister, etc.) with gift suggestions. The hand-picked gift ideas range from outlandish to ingenious, and the gift-to-recipient matchups can yield some pretty hilarious results.

We present the following suggestions without comment:

Naturally, the app keeps you clicking for the lulz, but not infrequently, you’ll see a gift idea you might actually want to use. Then the novelty site goes from lulz to brilliant PR; you click through to the item’s listing on Springpad, when you can find out who spotted it, where to buy it, and how to share it.

The app serves as a silly but effective holiday-themed intro to Springpad’s “smart notebooks” product, and casual browsers might be tempted to use the product for shopping lists and wish lists. Or they might just share the oddball recommendations and browse on.

Either way, Springpad is definitely tapping into the whole curated e-commerce trend. The company has been making big upgrades all year; its major facelift yielded a result that we said looked like Evernote and Pinterest had a baby. The product also made good on Facebook likes in some interesting ways. Altogether, we ended up naming Springpad one of the five best cyberhoarding apps out there.