world aids day

Today is World AIDS Day. Every December 1, we take a single day to remember the millions around the world living with HIV/AIDS and to raise awareness about the spread of HIV/AIDS and its prevention.

Since the web in all its forms is one of the best media for spreading information, a slew of entities have taken to social media to talk about AIDS and show you what you can do about this epidemic, even if all you can do is share videos, upload a picture, and spread the word to the folks you know.

On his Facebook page, Microsoft founder Bill Gates calls World AIDS Day “a day to remember, but also a day to remind ourselves of the progress we have made against this disease. If we stay the course and maintain our resolve, we can end this epidemic.”

The tycoon-turned-philanthropist also posted this video:

Over on Twitter, (RED), a campaign focused on ending AIDS in Africa, has been tweeting up a storm with statistics on AIDS and products you can buy to support the (RED) cause.

(RED) is also promoting a Dance (RED), Save Lives album presented by Tiesto, asking followers and fans to make the album pop to the top of the iTunes charts today and to join in its YouTube dance party livestream.

And back on Facebook, (RED) is making a gallery of cities that have “gone red” to commemorate the day.

#WorldAIDSDay is a promoted trend on Twitter today. Top tweets include a photo from @whitehouse, the official U.S. presidential account; a special (RED) track from Rolling Stone magazine; and a tweet from Magic Johnson, a longtime champion of the cause, who thanked God, his doctors, and “the meds” for his own victory in his battle with HIV.

If you would like to get involved online and want your tweets or Facebook posts to carry more weight than usual, this year we’re also seeing a new campaign, 1share1condom. Sponsored by Durex, the campaign will donate one condom for ever social media share of a fact about HIV/AIDS.