Obama Computer

President Barack Obama had a little fun today on Twitter despite spending most of his time talking about serious topics such as the looming fiscal cliff and middle-class tax cuts.

The president likes to take to Twitter, Reddit, and other social media to take questions from a much broader audience of both supporters and those who disagree with him.

Indeed, House of Representatives Republican majority leader Eric Cantor tweeted, “Mr. President, time to get serious. Let’s protect small businesses and families from a harmful increase in tax rates and cut spending. #my2k”

The president did not respond to this tweet, but to be fair, it wasn’t a question.

Obama does take some tough questions, though they are undoubtedly vetted by his communications team before he answers them. The majority of today’s discussion centered on extending tax cuts for the middle class. Many tweets were about extending the tax cuts versus cutting more government spending, but his Twitter gabfest had a few goofy moments as well.

Obama answered eight questions and retweeted one picture of his hands typing responses taken and tweeted by Pete Souza, the White House’s official photographer. Here are our favorites. You can check out the full conversation on Storify.

Question from @dontbeaprat:


Question from @Mica4Life:


Picture by @PeteSouza:


President Obama photo via The White House/Flickr