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Barack Obama continues to embrace technology. Today he will hold a “town hall” meeting at 2pm Eastern on Twitter, seemingly as a response to a number of questions posed to him on the social network about middle class tax cuts.

The White House’s director of public engagement, Jon Carson, tweeted, “At 2ET today, President Obama will answer questions on @twitter about extending middle class tax cuts. Ask with #My2K.”

The official White House Twitter account went on to say, “Good to see lots of folks on twitter speaking out on extending middle class tax cuts. I’ll answer some Qs on that at 2ET. Ask w/ #My2k –bo”

President Obama early on established that when a tweet is signed with “–bo” that means it actually came from him and not a staffer. His Twitter account retweeted both of these tweets.

For the town hall, President Obama will be replying from @WhiteHouse.

Middle-class tax cuts have been a hot button issue in discussions around the U.S. Federal budget and the “Fiscal Cliff.” He is currently rallying to extend tax cuts on the middle-class and perhaps instill some hope in the New Year. Republicans in Congress are not in favor of extending tax-cuts for the middle-class only and are concerned this would mean higher taxes on higher earners.

Two hours ago at the time of writing this post Obama tweeted, “Congress can act — right now — to stop taxes from going up on middle-class families. Tell them why they should #My2K” with a link to his website.

Obama has been very tech-savvy in both his presidency and the campaign leading up to his re-election. He recently held a similar question and answer session on popular social sharing site Reddit. You can see a picture of him proving that he was on Reddit above. The event was so popular, it knocked Reddit offline for many visitors.

President Obama image via President Obama