Pixar Lamp

You know how that lamp in Pixar that makes you believe cold metal could actually be a great cuddle buddy? That’s what a team from New Zealand has created: a little loveable lamp that can both see and hear you.

The lamp is named Lamp and he is built with Arduino, an open source platform that lets you build electronically run entities on top of; a web cam; and six Servos motors. He looks for where you face is and moves around to find it if its not in its direct view. It also get confused when you hide your face. Should you decide to read or ignore the lamp, it will move up and down in order to grab your attention again.

The project is called Pinokio and unlike the Pixar Luxo lamp which is white, this lamp is black, but still has the personality.

The sweetest part of the video is when the lamp tries to turn itself back on. It’s not done playing with you and it’s not going to take your human ability to turn off machinery. Oh no, Lamp is staying on whether you like it or not.

Check out the video of Lamp below:

Pinokio from Pinokio on Vimeo.

hat tip CNET; Pixar Lamp image via Jason Pratt/Flickr