Leia Bird

The best Star Wars movie is The Empire Strikes Back, and the coolest planet from that movie, Hoth, has inspired some of the finest video game adaptations of the Star Wars franchise.

Developer Rovio is hoping they can tap into some of that magic with the latest update to Angry Birds Star Wars that introduces the pink bird as Princess Leia and unlocks 20 levels that take place on (or in the space around) the planet Hoth.

Of course, snow, ice, and Imperial AT-ATs fill the Hoth stages. The new Leia bird helps the player topple those towering enemy units with her tractor-beam ability. This move sucks in materials, causing structures to come tumbling down.

Hoth is available now in the update for anyone who purchased Angry Birds Star Wars on iOS or Android.

Check out the cute video promo for the update: