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Taking photos with your iPhone or simple point-and-shoot camera is one thing, but upping the ante by going all in on a DSLR camera is something entirely different. When you finally pull the trigger and go DSLR, you’re going to want to take full advantage of everything it can offer you, and the latest VentureBeat Store offering has got something that’ll help take your skills to the next level.

With The DSLR Camera Course Bundle, you’ll be able to master your DSLR camera and digital photography skills at the same time…and for just $39!

Between these two video courses you’re going to receive over 11 hours of instruction that will show you how to master the capabilities of your DSLR camera and will help take your skills from good to great.

Let’s look at what you’ll get in this bundle…

Digital Photography Course for Beginners (regularly $39)

Most new DSLR camera owners use very little of the potential of their cameras. (DSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex). The thought of moving off “auto” can be daunting but to really get creative control over your photos you need to grasp some basic photography principles. This course is designed to fill that gap in knowledge so you can get into the more creative modes of your camera and start taking better photos.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What Essential Items you need in your DSLR Kit
  • The Photo Triangle – secret weapon to explaining the Basics
  • Compose better Photos using the same Principles DaVinci, Botticelli, Van Gogh and many more used
  • Exposure and ISO and why it matters
  • Creative use of Shutter Speed
  • …and much more!

Advanced Digital Photography Course (regularly $49)

This course will take the basics you learn from the beginner course above and will explore more creative scenarios, including: Better Portraits, Night Photos, Nature (including Sunsets), Macro Photos, HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging, and Time Lapse (those cool videos where 12 hours happens over a few seconds). It also includes chapters on image editing and DSLR Video.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Key Elements to getting Better Portraits
  • The most important setting in Night Photos and How to use it
  • The Tools and Tricks to get Great Nature Photos
  • How to set up a Time Lapse sequence
  • Basic Image Editing using Photoshop and free software
  • …and much more!

You can learn more about this bundle – and the man who’ll be training you, Ken Schulz – at the VentureBeat Store page. And while you’re there pick up this great bundle at 55% off the regular price and start mastering your DSLR camera today!

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