Customer complaint startup Gripevine has launched a new product called Resolution1 that takes on the similarly named Radian6 in the space of listening to customers on social media channels and helping them with issues.

Gripevine was co-founded by Dave Carroll, the guy who took the web by storm with his “United Breaks Guitars” music video that criticized United Airlines for damaging his $3,500 guitar. United Breaks Guitars has accumulated 12 million views since its June debut. With that history, Carroll has become a go-to expert to help companies address customer problems so they don’t get out of hand. So when he says Resolution1 can help companies better address, it’s possible some will give it a shot.

Resolution1 is a cloud-based dashboard that wants to manage all sources of customer feedback, especially social media channels. It claims to support the feedback process through the following ways:

• Engaging through social media.
• Connecting with customers and hearing their voice through multiple channels.
• Enabling internal collaboration on issues, service and praise.
• Providing productivity tools to allow Agents to focus on customers, not administration.
• Facilitating the post-recovery process to understand performance and connect with customers and employees.

“By design, this is one product that’s providing a complete end-to-end solution,” Carroll told VentureBeat. “Unlike Radian6, this isn’t just social monitoring. We turn listening into hearing.”

Among other features, Resolution1 locates real-time conversations happening online using key-word monitoring. After identifying certain words, it allows you to directly engage with customers. Once you engage with a customer, that person’s details are logged into a case management file.

Take a look at the comprehensive dashboard below with notifications and priority levels:


On top of launching Resolution1, Gripevine also has updated its platform for tackling customer complaints. The new Gripevine a dashbaord for addressing concerns, business profiles, and full integration with social media channels. There’s also a new feature to let companies flag certain “gripes” as fakes if it can be clearly identified as such.

New York-based Gripevine was founded in late 2011, has 15 employees, and is self-funded.

Business man listening through door via Angela Hawkey/Shutterstock