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Mobile-Loco is a tour-de-force across Social, Local and Mobile market forces, technologies and solutions.  Learn from real-world successes and failures how to deconstruct the buzz words, hype and jargon, to get at the real drivers of customer behavior in today’s mobile, super-connected world.

Everything in today’s marketplace is local, everything is personal and everything is social.  The emergence of practical services and apps that leverage Mobile and 24/7 connected-ness is the latest curve-ball thrown into the mix. We have always been mobile.  Only now, customers are intelligently informed and always connected.  This new breed of technologies and services enable hyper-local and real-time personalization, rich content and engagement, and ultimately more bricks-and-mortar transactions.

If we believe in our 93/7 (real-world-to-online) transaction ratio, and if we agree that most of our customers are “connected” while “mobile,” the extreme leverage point of “organic” mobile engagement using intelligent real-time services becomes clear.

Learn from brands how they are taking advantage of today’s new technologies and solutions to build durable brand engagement, relationships and presence in a chaotic and noisy marketplace.  Discover how the newest solution providers leverage technology to bring timely, relevant and valuable experiences to customers (b-b and b-b-c) that are accustomed to being ever more informed, more empowered and more engaged.

Sessions Include:

  • The Disrupters: The creative destruction of traditional markets and verticals
  • The Brand Revolution: why brands will lead the future of tech innovation
  • It’s the Context, Stupid: making dollars & sense of data and the future of marketing
  • Mapping the Great Indoors: turning indoor navigation into a $2.5 Billion market
  • Mobile Advertising Sucks! why and what to do about it
  • What’s in your Wallet?: the future mobile commerce
  • The Creative Destruction of Agencies: the fight for tech literacy and relevancy
  • The Future of Mobile Location Investing w/Bill Gurley of Benchmark Capital

It’s mobile.  It’s loco. And it’s always connected.

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