Sequoia Capital is fixin’ to raise a chunk of change for a new seed fund, according to an SEC filing this morning.

UPDATED 12:14 p.m. PT: Sequoia writes us to say they are not, in fact, raising funds. The Form D we’re seeing is due to some paperwork shuffling rather than new fundraising activity.

“Nothing new here, just some admin changes related to programs like Scouts,” a rep told VentureBeat via email. Scouts is the firm’s mini-army of entrepreneurs-turned-investors who use Sequoia money to make small deals with early-stage founders in their own networks. That would explain the “seed fund” nomenclature on the form.

Original story amended below.

In a Form D disclosing its fundraising plans, we read that the new fund is described as a seed fund. The exact amount the firm hopes to raise is as yet indefinite, and so far, no capital for the new fund has been confirmed.

Here’s the document in its entirety:

Sequoia Fundraise

Sequoia’s last big, confirmed raise was a huge $1.3 billion fund about one year ago. That fund was primarily focused on early and growth stage companies located in the U.S. and China. And six month ago, we heard Sequoia was raising yet again — another billion-dollar fund for similar investments in similar areas.

But not all the firm’s investments are the big, splashy, headline-making rounds that throw companies into the limelight. Sequoia also does seed-stage investments as low-dollar as $100,000.

A few months ago, the firm also closed a $200 million fund for Israel-focused investments to capture at least part of the booming Tel Aviv tech scene.

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