Wii U release date

Grab your nearest anthropomorphic plant and throw it at a giant bird because Nintendo is narrowing the release date forĀ Pikmin 3.

The real-time action-strategy game will make its HD debut on the Wii U console sometime between April and June, according to the latest streaming video Nintendo Direct show.

You might remember earlier announcements about Pikmin 3 that categorized the title as a Wii U launch game. That was never exactly the case. Nintendo did list it as one of the system’s “launch window” releases, which meant it would hit retail before the end of March.

Of course, April is after March, so it looks like we have the first significant delay for a big Wii U game, relatively speaking.

The Pikmin series is Nintendo designer Shigeru Miaymoto’s ode to the creatures in his garden. It debuted on the GameCube, which is the system that also hosted the sequel. Fans of the series love the game for its cute characters and easy-to-pick-up gameplay.

Pikmin 3 will retailĀ for $59.99.