Please read the following to the tune of “New York, New York” as sung by Frank Sinatra:

Start spreading the news. There’s a new game today. You want to be a part of it?  It’s called: New York-New York.

These vagabond developers, from the MyVegas game, they went to the heart of it — New York, New York.

It’s a slots game that rewards players who never sleep. It features hot dogs and cabs — play it for keeps.

It may make you lose, but that is OK. You can make a brand-new start of it, by buying new coins.

If you can make it there (Facebook,) you can play it anywhere (that you have an Internet connection). It’s up to you to play New York-New York.


OK, that does it for today’s musical number. As I hope you gathered, New York-New York is a new slots game for the MyVegas social casino app on Facebook.

It features a bunch of cartoony references to the Big Apple, including street food like hot dogs and soft pretzels and classic-looking yellow taxis on a 3-by-5 play field.

It’s available now for anyone who gives it a “Like” on Facebook or for anyone who is level 4 or higher in the MyVegas casino experience.

This joins MyVegas’s six other tables to give slot-addicted Facebook gamers another opportunity to get their fix. The virtual machine is available now.