Trials Evolution -- Riders of Doom

Quetzalcoatl’s beak will rupture the mantle of this Earth. Her powerful peck will spare no man. The planet’s core will blossom like a terrible flower and absorb all souls. Oh, how the feathered serpent will laugh that day.

That is how the world will end according to the Mayans — at least that’s how that fellow who smells like pee down on the corner explained it to me . What that prophet failed to mention is that the new Trials Evolution downloadable content, Riders of Doom, will act as a harbinger of the apocalypse.

Developer Redlynx will debut the Riders of Doom add-on to the excellent motorbike-riding physics platformer this month for 400 Microsoft Points. It introduces the following new content:

  • 20 new tracks
  • 10 new skill games
  • 5 new multiplyaer tracks
  • 5 new tournaments
  • All-new apocalyptic environments

Trials Evolution is one of Xbox Live Arcade’s best-selling games. It puts players on a variety of powerful motorcycles and pits them against very challenging stages. In addition to dozens of developer-designed levels, hundreds of users have submitted their own creations that anyone can try out for free. RedLynx will add the environments and objects from this DLC to the box of tools that user designers can add to their levels.

Riders of Doom is the second Trials expansion.