samplify 2

Peanut Labs is launching its Samplify self-serve platform, which allows small and big companies to quickly find a reliable audience of survey respondents for test-market surveys and other scientific polls that require representative audiences.

The platform gives survey creators real-time access to samples of people who are ready to fill out audience surveys in exchange for virtual rewards in social apps. Peanut Labs has a network of tens of millions of consumers on hundreds of social networks, where it gets users to fill out the online surveys.

The new web-based service is a follow-up to Crowdvibe, a site that allowed anyone to create quick polls or market research surveys with large numbers of respondents in a variety of targeted markets. With Samplify, researchers can locate users who are prequalified. Survey creators have to go through far fewer steps in order to ensure that a representative sample is secured.

“The research industry is growing and changing to adapt to a more digital, socially connected world,” said Noman Ali, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Peanut Labs. “And as it adapts, Peanut Labs remains focused on improving efficiency and providing transparent reporting of sample data collected from some of the largest social networking applications and online communities worldwide. Our Samplify platform reflects our continued commitment to the industry and to providing access to high-quality sample on demand.”

Like Crowdvibe, the new service targets analysts, creatives, and marketers who want to bridge the gap between social media and market research by accessing a huge network of people without spending a lot of money. They can get product opinions, brand perceptions, and a ton of feedback on marketing campaigns, promotional offers, concept tests, and consumer satisfaction.

Ali said in an email that Crowdvibe is more of a polling system where you can create a single question and have some targeting controls on who you want to poll. It has had good adoption in the market, with some of the major media groups and agencies using it to get a quick pulse check.

But Ali said that Samplify is a much more comprehensive platform with a sole purpose of providing high-quality targeted sample to market research agencies and brands that already have an existing survey and are looking for respondents.

With Samplify, researchers can control the entire process, from estimating costs of a survey to in-field project management. They can access Peanut Labs’ sample pool with just a few clicks. They can launch and manage surveys with control of their own tailored research sample. Features include “project configuration and nested quotas, the option to add prescreeners, 24-hour access to reporting on project activity (both overall and by quota), real-time access to project status indicators (including attempts, completes, over quota, daily quotas, and progress), and basic project management actions (including managing, resuming, and duplicating projects).”

San Francisco-based Peanut Labs is owned by online research firm E-Rewards and has more than 30 employees.