T-Mobile customers may finally be able to get their hands on an iPhone directly from the carrier next year.

T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom just announced that it will be offering some Apple products in the U.S. next year, via a dense investor update. The company didn’t specifically mention which products would be coming next year, but at the very least we expect T-Mobile will offer the iPhone.

“T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together next year,” the company wrote.

Thus far, T-Mobile has been focusing on opening up its network to support unlocked iPhones and castaways from AT&T’s network. That’s been a tough sell though, since its network only supports 3G speeds in a few cities for iPhone owners.

The iPhone will likely hit T-Mobile when the company deploys its LTE 4G network next year. But given that the carrier is so late to offering the iPhone, this announcement likely won’t do much to stop its diving subscriber numbers.

Via AllThingsD