Google corporate development VP David Lawee will soon move from leading Google’s mergers and acquisitions over to leading a new Google late-stage venture group, according to a report from Reuters.

A source familiar with Google’s plans said that Don Harrison, a lawyer at Google, will in fact be leading corporate development for Google starting in 2013 but was not sure what Lawee’s next role with Google would be. Harrison has been with Google for more than five years and has provided counsel for many Google acquisitions.

Reuters said the new late-stage investment group hasn’t been finalized and it “might operate separately from Google Ventures.”

Lawee has an interesting history and sold four companies as an entrepreneur before working for Google. In May, he told us his advice on how to get acquired by Google. At another conference, Lawee said that two-thirds of Google’s acquisitions had been successful.

David Lawee photo: Sean Ludwig/VentureBeat