Update (12/7/2012 9:50 p.m.): According to new developer Moby Dick Studios’ webpage, the man is named Joakim Mogren.

However — and we’re just pointing this out — Joakim is an anagram for Kojima. As in Hideo Kojima, the devious creator of the Metal Gear game franchise. And Mogren is the name of a football club in Montenegro, which is also, perhaps coincidentally, where Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance opens.

We’re just saying. …

Original story:

Spike is currently airing its annual Video Game Awards and, as usual, the actual awards are taking a back seat to the big world premieres.

The first of those premieres came in the form of The Phantom Pain, which was nothing but a teaser trailer. It showed a man waking up from a coma in a medical facility. He looked down to see that the doctors have replaced his left arm with a prosthetic. Hey, that can cause phantom pains — I get it!

At that point, everything goes loopy as some sort of force (alien, government, Jonas brother?) attacks the hospital, and the hero slowly struggles to make an escape before the enemies take him.

Developer Moby Dick Studios is making the game, but it specified no platform.

Oh, and as mentioned in the headline, whoever the hero is, he is rocking a sweet Solid Snake-like mullet.