iPhone 5 handson11

The iPhone 5 is already the most popular phone of the season, but Best Buy is making it a whole lot more enticing.

The bog box retailer is shaving $50 off the price of Apple’s latest device, which will start at $149 on a two-year contract. More expensive models are affected by the deal as well, with the 32GB and 64GB versions running for $249 and $349 respectively. (The price cut also extends to last year’s iPhone 4S, which runs as low as $50 on contract.)

You’ll want to keep a few things in mind, however. For one, the deal only runs until January, and there’s a limit of two devices per person. Best Buy is also limiting which devices are available for shipping, which may be a deal-breaker depending on how far you are from the nearest store.

With the holiday shopping season in full force now, Best Buy is doing all it can to keep up with Amazon, which, for many consumers,  has become the go-to destination for electronics shopping. But by cutting the price of the iPhone 5, Best Buy is clearly trying to turn that around in the most buzz-worthy way possible.