Toca Boca

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Toca Boca makes hip and fun digital toys for the iPad that are hard to categorize.

They’re not games, because there’s no winning or losing, no start or end. They aren’t aimed at one gender or another — boys enjoy giving a lion a mohawk and dye job in Toca Boca Hair salon, girls can start a wicked rock group in Toca Band. And the apps, which range in price from free to $1.99, can keep a 2-year-old occupied as easily as a 32-year-old. Um, we hear.

The design studio, which is owned by Bonnier Group, has released 17 apps for for the iPad and iPhone, each filled with stunning graphic design and addictive, word-free entertainment. We sat down with CEO Björn Jeffery to find out more about his design philosophy, why getting rid of words and menus is a good idea, and the secret to throwing an exciting tea party.