Metro Last Light THQ

The value of a Facebook “like” rose today, or maybe the value of THQ’s Metro 2033 dropped.

Either way, a “like” equals a free copy of Metro 2033 on Facebook. Just head to THQ’s Facebook page here, click the “Like” button, and download the game.

Metro: Last Light, the sequel to the sci-fi first-person shooter, is due out in March.

THQ is likely using this as a marketing opportunity to promote the sequel. Commercials and ads on websites can only go so far, but unless people have something to fall back onto, it’s easy for them to overlook a new title.

Other publishers have used similar promotions involving free games, but few have made the process as easy as “liking” something on Facebook.

Before the launch of Borderlands 2, for example, 2K Games offered the original game as one of the free Instant Game Collection titles on Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service.