media center

As soon as I saw that a startup called Plizy raised $4 million, my head began swimming with potential rhymes. Easy. Breezy. Sleazy. Cheesy. But perhaps I should cut to the chase (just to try something new).

Plizy is a “media center in the cloud.” It aggregates videos, movies, and shows from around the web for users’ viewing and sharing pleasure. Its content comes from major video distributors like Amazon, HBO, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, Vimeo, and YouTube. Once a visitor to the site finds something they want to watch, it redirects them to the original source. It claims to have more than 550,000 movies, 200,000 shows, and 100,000,000 videos in its database.

The platform also emphasizes “discovery.” Users can rate videos, get recommendations based on their interests, see what their friends have watched, subscribe to specific shows, and queue movies for later. Plizy launched the 2.0 version in November with included a redesigned website and an iPad app, as well as deeper sharing and personalization features.

Now with this $4 million from Atlas Ventures, Plizy will continue to add users and aggregate content from other providers, such as Cinemax and Starz, and build out it platform to Androird and iOS. Plizy is also adding president of PayPal David Marus and Atlas Venture partner Fred Destin to its board.

Plizy previously raised an angel round of $1.2 million.