McDonald's Happy Meal Moshi Monsters

Nothing marks the success of a children’s franchise quite like earning the coveted position as the toy included with a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Today, virtual-pet website Moshi Monsters is announcing that collectible figurines of its characters are part of the fast-food restaurant’s famous children’s meal. McDonald’s will offer one of eight “Moshlings” beginning Friday. The gaming site is also planning to introduce its newest character during this promotion.

Each Happy Meal also comes with a free three-day membership to the Moshi Monsters website.

Moshi Monsters is the modern reincarnation of the Tomagotchi phenomenon from the 1990s. has over 70 million registered members who have adopted a monstrous pet to raise as their own. The franchise extends beyond the web, with books, games for the Nintendo DS, and musical albums all aimed at children 6 to 12.