arrested development

One of the most highly anticipated shows in Netflix’s original programing line up is Arrested Development, and now we’re hearing word that the video rental service is increasing the number of episodes.

The show’s production is currently taking a break from filming the forthcoming season, which should debut on Netflix at some point during the first quarter of 2013. Arrested Development producers apparently shot more footage than expected for the initial 10 episodes, and they now have ideas for more scenes and storylines, according to a Deadline report.

The report indicates that show producers successfully pitched Netflix on doing additional episodes, which would push the total episode count to 12-15. Filming is expected to resume again in January, pending all the scheduling can be worked out.

If the news is true, it could theoretically push the debut of Arrested Development’s new season further into 2013. But it’s possible that we could see the season debut in two parts, which wouldn’t be so bad. Of course, it’s hard to say since Netflix still hasn’t given an official premiere date for the season.

We’re reaching out to Netflix for confirmation on the episode order. Stay tuned for updates.