Ping Identity Andre Durand

Identity is one of the biggest problems on the internet right now. Not only do people not know where all their accounts are across the web, they often store the passwords to those accounts in files, emails, or on paper.

Companies like Ping Identity, Okta, and others are coming out of the woodwork to try and solve this issue of identity, particularly for enterprises that often have employees signing into a number of different applications throughout the day. Those companies don’t want login credentials — the gateway to their data — just lying around. And they often want to be able to manage and shut off access to certain accounts when needed.

Passwords are now getting the brunt of the blame for weak login security. VentureBeat chatted with Ping Identity’s chief executive Andre Durand to talk about the biggest needs in identity, if the passwords needs to finally kick the bucket, and what companies can do to manage employee accounts. Durand has three steps to a more secure online identity:

  1. Companies need to separate “identities” from applications
  2. Companies need to get rid of passwords all together
  3. Companies need to focus on and enforce their own standards, or policies

Check out the video for more:

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