Roblox screenshot

On Christmas Day, thousands of people open their presents to discover a new iOS device from Apple. The first thing they do is head to the App Store and begin filling the device with games and programs. It’s one of the biggest days of the year for app downloads, which is why developers work so hard to get their products on the market before that day.

Roblox has done just that. Today, the company, which shares the Roblox name with its game, is announcing that Roblox Mobile is available on iPad and iPhone. It replicates the full experience of the block-building title where users create nearly all of the content. As we detailed in our profile of Roblox, millions of users play in different user-created games that include first-person shooters, platformers, and racers.

“Many Roblox builders are teenagers or younger, and Roblox Mobile gives them the power to launch their level on the iPad and start playing with friends in minutes,” said Roblox chief executive officer David Baszucki. “Game enthusiasts are spending more and more time playing on tablets and phones. Now we can offer Roblox builders an easy way to leverage that movement and reach a new audience.”

With Roblox Mobile, iPhone folk can join with players on the desktop version in live multiplayer matches. The app also lets players message one another, shop for in-game items, customize their character, and manage their Roblox social network.

While many companies struggle to build a platform for their games, the team at Roblox sort of fell into theirs. They originally created Roblox with the purpose of designing their own games within it, but quickly turned it over to the community when they discovered how much people were responding to building their own games. Now the company is fostering hundreds of creators who are learning the basics of game and level design within Roblox.

And with Roblox Mobile, the company stands to gain significant traction from people who spend their gaming time on phones and tablets.

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