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[UPDATE: 6:48]

Tumblr is now back up — at least for some:

Massive mini-blogging platform and social network Tumblr is down. After intermittently reporting troubles on its Twitter account for the past few hours, Tumblr said two hours ago that the company has taken the site down entirely to fix a network issue:

Tumblr is a one of the top 10 U.S. sites on the web — recently hitting number nine on Quantcast’s list. After five years in operation, the site powers 82 million blogs and has a global audience of close to 170 million people. In November this year, the site had a staggering 17.88 billion  pageviews. The site has grown immensely in the past years and months, passing MySpace in July of this year.

Just a week ago, a hacker’s group called the GNAA infected almost 9000 Tumblr blogs, but there’s no indication that this is related in any way.

VentureBeat is reaching out to Tumblr for a statement, but the tweet above — which says that Tumblr will update on Twitter when the company knows more about the problem — would seem to indicate there is nothing to say just yet.