Knights, dragons, and princes are all staples of the role-playing genre, but Gree thinks its Knights & Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince has a strong foundation and enough variety to stand out on mobile devices.

It’s a new free-to-play game that is available now for iOS.

Sure, the game features battles against various monsters in a fantastical kingdom that is under duress. It uses a paper-rock-scissors-style attack and defense system that the designers based on the elements fire, water, spirit, air, and earth. And it includes loot drops and crafting. All of these mechanics are familiar to fans of turn-based RPGs, but Gree’s developer partner IUGO Mobile Entertainment also provides players with the ability to design and build their own castles.

“In Knights & Dragons, we set out to develop a fun and accessible RPG experience that delivers all the social, strategic, and immersive elements that mobile social gamers love,” said Gree’s senior vice president of social games, Eiji Araki. “We also wanted to bring a deeper storyline by introducing an entertaining plot, witty dialogue, playful characters, and high-production art as well as a continuous dose of new content, features, and events to keep the fun fresh. We’ve worked hard to make this title more than a game but an ongoing entertaining experience.”

Naturally, the game also contains a suite of social features that connect players to their friends. The game will host weekly player-versus-player battles. Users can hire their friends’ knights to use in their game. A leaderboard and achievement system allows people to check their progress against their buddy’s.

Knights & Dragons represents another piece in Gree’s plan to expand the publishing wing of its business. While the company has a very successful social-networking platform that connect players to one another through integrated leaderboards and achievements, Gree wants to focus on releasing original games in the States.