This sponsored post is produced by Samsung.

Samsung Digital Imaging is holding a global competition inviting 32 Instagram stars from 8 countries to prove that their city is the most photogenic! Samsung Digital Imaging and VICE Media Inc. have come together to celebrate the release of the all-new web connected GALAXY Camera. 32 Instagram stars from 8 countries will showcase the various features of the ground-breaking camera over an 8-week timeframe. Each week serves to highlight a different feature of the Galaxy Camera. All photography will be released through an interactive platform, allowing fans to vote for their favorite works at

VICE caught up with 8 of the photographers to profile their approach in an 8-part video series providing a glimpse into the process of the world’s most prolific (and followed) Instagrammers. Here are the first two photographers:

London: Jiri Siftar – 122,459 Instagram followers- Jiri explores the streets of London using the Rich Tone mode.

Amsterdam: Freek Geurts – 38,432 Instagram followers- take an Amsterdam bike ride/photo expedition with Freek using the Action Freeze mode.