MineCraft Festive pack

If you’re a Minecraft player on the Xbox 360 who is also in the holiday spirit, we’ve got some cheery news for you.

The developer handling Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, 4J Studios, will release the Festive Pack of skins Monday for 80 Microsoft Points. This add-on will feature 24 Santa, reindeer, and other holiday-themed skins for the Minecraft characters and world.

PlayXBLA, the official blog for Microsoft’s digital-distribution platform, revealed the details of the DLC pack.


Normally, 4J Studios’ skin packs for Minecraft include 48 skins and go for 160 Microsoft Points, but they obviously wanted to get something out in time for the Christmas holiday.

Minecraft is one of gaming’s biggest success stories. Its original developer is Mojang, which still handles the PC version and has sold more than 17 million copies across all platform. The 360 version has sold more around 4.5 million copies on its own, which makes it one of the biggest hits on Xbox Live Arcade.

It continues to rank as one of the most-played games on XBLA, according to Microsoft’s Xbox evangelist Major Nelson. That suggests that skin packs like this one are big money makers for all involved.