It’s not an overstatement to say that RIM’s future is riding on the success of BlackBerry 10. RIM knows it too, which is why the company is doing all it can to drum up support ahead of the operating system’s launch.

To start, RIM has begun sending out media invitations to BlackBerry 10’s global unveiling, which is scheduled for January 30th in New York City.

The location choice isn’t accidental. As the center of the business world, New York City is a key area for RIM, which is aiming to win back the businesses that abandoned it for devices like the iPhone.

Because of that, RIM has also begun testing its new BB10 phones at dozens of companies in the U.S., as Bloomberg reports. These companies — 64 of which are the Fortune 500 — are members of a wide range of industries, including health care, media, and financial services.

“We’re keenly targeting the launch of our touch-screen device and we want to bring that experience to our clients,” RIM managing director Richard Piasentin told Bloomberg.

In spite of its recent setbacks, RIM’s greatest strength is its continued association with security. The iPhone may be the single most popular phone now, but not even Apple carries the security clout that RIM still does. Expect to see RIM really push this in its advertising over the next few months.

One thing, though, is certain: BlackBerry 10 will either save RIM or solidify its demise. No pressure right?