runner2Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is making its way to the Nintendo Wii U eShop this month as a downloadable title.

runner 2 2This game is a good example of Nintendo’s new focus on indie releases, which hopefully will boost demand for the Wii U game console. Runner2 is the latest from Gaijin Games, an indie game studio founded by game industry veterans Alex Neuse and Mike Roush in 2008. The San Francisco company previously created Bit.Trip Runner, a rhythm-music platform game that won an Independent Games Festival award.

In the title, you play as a funny-looking 2D character wearing headphones and running shoes that runs through a variety of cool 2D environments. You can collect gold bars by leaping up in the air, but you have to be careful about bumping into robot guards, who will bounce you back to the beginning if you haven’t crossed a checkpoint yet. You can use a variety of moves such as run, jump, slide, kick, or fly through the air. You goal is to track down the evil Timbletot and thwart his plans to destroy all worlds, including Earth.

The 2D graphics are cartoonish and colorful. The game is fast-paced, forcing you to time your movements precisely. If you’re a split-second too slow, you will crash into an obstacle and start over. The speedy techno soundtrack matches the tempo of the gameplay. The action is frenetic, with all sorts of things going on in the screen at the same time as you race to beat the clock without making any mistakes.

Nintendo hasn’t give a specific release date for the title’s release on the eShop store.

Check out the gameplay video below:

Runner2 Gameplay – World 1 from CommanderVideo on Vimeo.