YouTube capture

In other killer-Google-apps-for-iOS news, YouTube had just launched Capture, a new app for catching, editing, and posting videos from your iPhone or iPod touch.

The app, which aims for quicker startup for on-the-go video capture, gives you automatic color correction, trimming, free background music tracks, image stabilization, and overall faster upload times. It will also remind you to shoot with a horizontal device to avoid “vertical video syndrome.”

Capture will let you share the videos much more easily; you can upload them to YouTube and share to Google+, of course, and you can also choose to share them to Facebook and Twitter. You can do all your uploading and sharing simultaneously, and you can also choose to just share your clips privately with your family and friends or with a URL.

Here’s a quick demo vid:

The whole experience was designed to be fast and easy. As YouTuber Reed Morse writes today on the company blog, “Even if you minimize the app, the video will keep uploading in the background.”

The app should be coming to Android soon, so stay tuned.

This new app comes in the wake of widespread YouTube app upgrades. The website just unveiled its new design, which places stronger emphasis on channels and subscriptions. And the core YouTube iOS app also just got a big update for iPad and iPhone 5 with better support for AirPlay.