AT&T’s network will grow quite a bit over the next few years, thanks to the Federal Communications Commission.

The FCC  has approved a slew of the spectrum transfers AT&T’s proposed over the past few months. With the approval, AT&T now has access to blocks in both the “underutilized” Wireless Communications Services (WCS) and the Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrums. AT&T says it expects to put its acquisitions to use in as early as three years.

Any spectrum additions are a big deal for AT&T, which, like every other carrier, has been slammed by the network demands of the smartphone. Getting new spectrum means that AT&T should, in theory, be able to offer better services for its customers — which has been the company’s argument to the FCC all along.

In all, AT&T’s spectrum acquisitions cover 608 cellular markets and 82 percent of the U.S. population. Those are pretty significant numbers that should improve AT&T’s fledging LTE network for many, many Americans.

Photo: Mike Johnson/TheBusyBrain.com