smartphone hands

The government wants more mobile know-how, and not just in protecting employees’ phones. The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency put out a request for information to find those who can hack into a mobile phone both by using readily available tools, and creating tools where there are none.

The RFI was posted on December 12th and states that it is looking for a contractor that will need to receive Top Secret clearance with a “single scope background investigation.” On the mobile side, the contractor will need to provide both analytical and engineering support. That is, you must be able to find and harvest the data from phones, and perhaps even use the phone for information gathering.  You need to know how to operate “commercially available off-the-shelf” tools and “government available off-the-shelf tools.” You must also be able to provide training to others on the team about using these tools.

The engineering is where building tools on the fly comes in. A mobile phone’s data may not be accessible through conventional means, thus it would on you to figure out a way in.

This is just another example of how mobile is becoming a critical element of national safety. It’s the classic case of hiring (potential) hackers who know their way around anything and can help the government become just as limber.

If you think you’re the person they’re looking for, the RFI requests that you email Mr. Quentin McCoy, Contracting Officer at

hat tip TechCrunch, via FierceMobile; Smartphone image via Shutterstock