cookiesMmmm. Fooood. Whether it’s a masterpiece of molecular gastronomy, a home-cooked feast of favorites, or a funky fusion dish from a food truck, people want to preserve their food experiences beyond the fleeting time lapse from plate and mouth.

To make that possible Evernote is serving up a brand new version of Evernote Food, an app for iPhone and iPad. Just as bakers do when their cake is missing that je ne sais quoi of deliciousness, Evernote started again from scratch.evernote food

Evernote Food launched in December of last year to capture memorable moments around food. Users could create Meals and add photos, captions, location tags, and notes to document their dining adventures. Evernote is a wildly popular digital notebook that can be used to save ideas, liked things, lists, and images and even to organize work projects.

The company recently raised a whopper of an $85 million round of funding. During an interview with VentureBeat, chief executive Phil Libin stated his intention was to focus on product and the app’s mobile platforms to keep its 45 million users excited and engaged.

With Evernote Food 2.0, foodies of all persuasions will be able to capture every stage of epicurean pleasure, from the initial inspiration through the preparation process, up to the “grande finale” of the meal. The design takes into consideration that meals often start “hours, days, even weeks before you take the first bite.” Now upon opening the app, users can choose from four options: Explore Recipes, My Cookbook, Restaurants, and My Meals.

The recipes function is a search tool with content from popular blogs and websites. Users can casually peruse recipes or search the database by dish, ingredients, or source. They can then store recipes in My Cookbook.evernote my cookbook

For those looking to eat out, Evernote Food 2.0 has a restaurant discovery feature. Diners can search by location or type of cuisine and can access relevant information about each location. Places can be saved in a to-do list or logged as a place already visited.

Once you have created a beautiful home repast or stuffed yourself at a restaurant of your choosing, the My Meals feature lets you preserve those memories in true Evernote form.

There are hundreds of food apps out there for finding and sharing recipes and just as many ways to document food experiences. Many of these products are great in one particular area but don’t offer options for the entire spectrum of eating.

As the team stated it in a blog post, this single app can work for “everything from cooking your grandma’s recipe to planning a dining tour of Tokyo.”

Evernote was founded in 2009 and is based in Redwood City, Calif.

Check out this video exploration of Evernote Food 2.0: