twitter-cupcakesTwitter shook up the top brass a little today, transitioning current Chief Financial Officer Ali Rowghani to the top operating role, and naming former Zynga treasurer Mike Gupta as the company’s new CFO.

Twitter chief executive Dick Costolo confirmed the news in a tweet this evening:

Rowghani has not yet updated his LinkedIn profile, although, appropriately enough, his Twitter profile already reflects the title change. While he was formerly CFO at Pixar as well, according to AllThingsD he has been focusing more on operational responsibilities than financial, so the title switch is more a reflection of current reality than a major shift.

Twitter’s new CFO, Mike Gupta, has been with Twitter for only two months, according to his LinkedIn profile. His previous role was as a treasurer and senior VP with Zynga, where he spent 18 months after eight years in a finance role at Yahoo. Gupta gets the prize for great timing, not only having left a crashing-and-burning Zynga but also getting a promotion just two months after starting his new job.

Interestingly, the new CFO of Twitter has exactly three tweets so far, all of them in the last 24 hours. According to myTwitterAge, his account was created two years and eight months ago, but he had not tweeted until recently.

One can assume that Costolo had some requirements for him in his new job, and one of them was: tweet.

photo credit: clevercupcakes via photopin cc