facebook hacks 0

Facebook had some pretty sweet hacks over the past year. They basically deep-fried a server with phenomenal results. They created a QR code that can be seen from space. And one guy even made a 3D-printed map of Facebook.

The company holds regular internal hackathons to keep employees moving fast and breaking things, as per the social network’s now-famous Hacker Way code of conduct. And even outside those structured events, hacks just happen. It’s part of the Facebook way of life.

Some hacks are little more than pranks. Others end up becoming part of the site that you and I use every day. And in between those extremes, some hacks becoming canonized as Facebook lore, a sort of company-specific Jargon File that lives on Facebook’s servers and in its oral traditions.

This year, the company picked eight of its favorite hacks to share with the world. Here they are, in no particular order: